To write a contract from the repository you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to the main menu of the platform on the left side and click on documents.

  2. In the documents section, go to the upper right corner and click on the blue icon that says new.

  3. Select compose document.

  4. A modal will open with three redaction options:

Blank document: where you can select one of the three different formats (word, excel or powerpoint) to start writing a document.

Document from template: where you can select a template that is uploaded in the platform's template repository to continue writing a document.

Document from the computer: where you can select a document that you have on your computer to continue writing a document.

  1. Select one of the redaction options above and click the blue, new document icon.

  2. Two windows will be displayed, one that indicates that Microsoft Word will open, if you have selected the Word format option, and the other that will welcome you to the Webdox version of Office documents.

  3. When the selected format is opened, the user will be able to interact with all the usual Office functionalities.

  4. Compose your document, save your changes, and the document will update in Webdox.

Note: We recommend not using the Office Save As option, as the document will be disconnected from Webdox and will not be saved in the repository.

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