To access the toolbar you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to the main menu of the platform on the left side and click on documents.

  2. Right click on any document to display the tool bar

  3. In the toolbar you will find the following actions that you can perform with the document:

Open Document: Allows you to open and view the document.

Rename: Allows you to rename the document.

Send by email: It allows you to send a predefined email by the platform through the type of email that you have by default on your computer, be it Outlook or Gmail, which contains a link to access the document that has a duration of seven days. After seven days the link is disabled.

Download: Allows you to download the document.

Classify: Allows you to add classification attributes to the document.

Move: Allows you to move the document from one folder to another within the repository

Privacy: Allows you to make a document private, so that only selected users can view it.

Relations: It allows you to link a document with one or more documents that are within the repository.

New version: Allows you to write a new version of the document.

Compose from here: Allows you to make a copy of the document and start a new composition.

Download cover: It allows you to download a cover with all the attributes with which it is classified.

Delete: Allows you to delete the document from the repository.

* Your toolbar could have more or less actions depending on your profile. If you need access to a particular action within the toolbar, you must contact your administrator user.

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